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Chuck Adams*

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     Bob Barrie

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     Len Cardinale *

     Wayne Carlton

Roy Case *

     S. G. Christian

Will “Chief” Compton *

     Judd Cooney

Jim Dougherty *

     Harry Drake *

     Doug Easton *

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     Jim Fletcher

     Bob Foulkrod

     Erle Stanley Gardner

     Don Garbow

     Ray Gooding

     Dave Gordon Sr.

     Don Gordon

     George Gordon

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Bob Lee

Myles Keller

Gail Martin*

Matt McPherson

John Musacchia Sr

Ted Nugent

Ben Pearson*

Saxton Pope *

Chuck Saunders *

Dwight Schuh

Pete Shepley

Andy Simo

Mike Strandlund

Freddie Troncoso

Randy Ulmer

Doug Walker

Randy Walk

Art Young *

John *

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The Archery Hall of Fame & Museum’s new facility in Springfield, MO, will include a display recognizing Doug Walker, the late Bowhunters Hall of Fame’s founder, and all BHOF inductees through 2011. Walker passed away in early last year and no further BHOF inductions are slated. The announcement was made today by Diane Miller, AHOF Executive Director, who said ongoing discussions between Board members of both Halls have resulted in an agreement designed to recognize the BHOF’s place in archery history.


        “I’m confident that this Board-approved action will preserve and protect the history and integrity of the Bowhunters Hall of Fame,” stated Dave Gordon, BHOF Chairman. “I also believe that by blending the BHOF into the Archery Hall of Fame we have eliminated any confusion that has existed since 1994 when our sport’s finest were being recognized by two Halls of Fame.”


            “This is a logical step that needed to be taken,” said M. R. James, AHOF President. “Doug Walker was the heart and soul of the BHOF. His passing could have been the death knell for his

vision, but now Doug and other inductees will have permanent recognition at the AHOF in Bass Pro Shops super store in Missouri where millions of visitors can discover and explore the rich history of archery and bowhunting.”




     From 1990 until 2011he Bowhunters Hall of Fame was the pinnacle of recognizing not only bowhunters across the United States but also recognizing the archery industry as well.


The first Bowhunters Hall of Fame inductees became the Bowhunting Legends of the 20th Century and were Nationally recognized and voted on by  voting Directors.

Nominating Categories

*Bowhunters showing Excellence in the Field of Bowhunting


*Bowhunters who have shown Excellence in the Design

and Manufacturing of Archery Equipment

*Bowhunters who have shown Literary Excellence that

have Advanced the Sport of Bowhunting


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