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Some displays you will see in the museum


Bitzenburger Display


Jim Dougherty Display






Top Left: American Bowman Review featuring Roy Case, Glenn St. Charles' Vest, 1984 Olympic medal, Saxton  Pope's Book Adventurous Bowmen as well as Popes  medical notes about Ishi - 1920.




Geronimo bow












Ann Clark's tackle box 



Glenn St. Charles bronze







One of the Hoyt



Earl's  Banjo




Museum Now Open

Hours of Operation 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM Daily

 Our Mission

 It is the mission of The Archery Hall of Fame & Museum, Inc., to honor those Outstanding members of the Archery Community through the process of induction into its Hall of Fame.


As an integral part of its existence, the Hall seeks to preserve the history and tradition of Archery and Bowhunting for future generations.


To educate and inform those persons wishing to pursue their interests in Archery and Bowhunting, the Hall maintains and operates a museum and library in Springfield, Missouri as a repository for memorabilia, literature and research material related to the Sport of Archery for the public to view.


Babe Bitzenburger arrows & personalized quiver

1943 Magazine - Fred Bear 


Signed book by Larry Whiffen - 1946




         Class of 1972                           Wall of Fame                        




          Ann Clark Display                   Ann Hoyt Crystal Cup




Hollis Allen Compound Prototype



Ishi's Arrow and Arrowheads


Fred Bear's Tool Box



To view 27 induction and Museum Preview Photos


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