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of Fame


Freddie Troncoso


Category B - Bowhunters who have shown Excellence in the Design and Manufacturing of Archery Equipment

A quick review of my life in archery discloses that I have dedicated most of my efforts to designing and patenting a large assortment of archery arrow rests for bowhunting and target use. What may not be known is that I started out as a bowhunter and field archer who hunted for the purpose of augmenting the family table fare. 

My initial start in archery occurred during 1938 after viewing one of Howard Hill's short subject movies on bow hunting with a long bow. At the age of 12, I harvested my first deer and have since taken several deer, elk and a variety of predators with a bow and arrow. I became interested in target archery when I taught my wife Eva and her brother how to shoot a bow. To my surprise they both became champions while I struggled in a futile attempt to rid myself of deeply ingrained bad habits. 

Eventually, my efforts led to the development of several noteworthy items that were destined to command the attention of bowhunters and archers throughout the world. During 1961, I met Roy Hoff who was the founding editor of Archery Magazine. Mr. Hoff encouraged me to market my ideas and to write a technical column for his popular archery publication. I specifically recall Mr. Hoff saying: "If you come up with a better arrow rest, the world will beat a path to your door."

From experimenting and marketing rope release devices, I focused on designing and experimenting with my own original diving board launcher arrow rest concepts for center shot bow. When compound bows became popular during the early seventies, I designed the very first bolt-on no-drill mount mounting bracket for arrow rests that is currently seen and used by every arrow rest manufacturer today. During the same time span, I patented and improved launcher rest for standard recurve and compound bows. 


As an archery coach and lecturer, I was fortunate to have toured Europe through the courtesy and sponsorship of Easton Seminars during 1991. The highlight of my bowhunting career is being inducted into the Bowhunters Hall of Fame. I personally take this opportunity to thank Doug and Betty Walker for their untiring efforts toward founding this prestigious organization.






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