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  Doreen Wilber

  1930 - 2008


Class of 1986


    Doreen first became interested in archery in 1957 when one of her husband's customers paid his auto repair bill with a bow and set of arrows. It soon became apparent that she was a natural archer, physically strong with amazing concentration. Without the benefit of professional coaching or commercial sponsors she made it to the top, her husband "Skeeter" was her only coach. From 1963 to 1973 at the state level she never lost a tournament. She was first at the seven state sectional levels from 1962 until 1969 and as a national competitor from 1965 until 1975 she won 5 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze. and in 1976, she won the national indoor gold medal. In her first national competition in 1965 she amazed everyone, not only with her ability, but also because she shot with arrows that were fletched with real feathers! Doreen shot on the international level from 1968 until 1974 and rewrote the record book establishing 10 new records and became the first woman to shoot over 1200 in international competition, During that time she made the US Archery team 8 times and competed in such places as Russia, England, South Africa, San Juan and Germany, She set either national or world records 18 times. The highest point of her shooting career was winning the Olympic gold medal in Munich, Germany in 1972.

   During all her years competing, Doreen was a great competitor who always showed outstanding sportsmanship. When traveling, she would take extra strings, arrow rests, etc. to give away for opponents from other countries that had trouble getting supplies. It didn't matter that they might be her toughest competitor. At the 1971 National Tournament the visiting Japanese team got food poisoning and Doreen and a doctor sat up all night helping them recover. In the morning she strung up her bow and shot a new tournament record.

   Doreen has been inducted into nine (9) Hall of Fames including Jefferson High School, Bell Tower, DesMoines Register, Iowa State Archers, Iowa Sports, Sports Illustrated Athletes of the Century, Athletes of Iowa, Green Country Bowling as well as the Archery Hall of Fame.


  Notes of Interest

  • Winner, Women's Olympic Gold Medal in Archery, 1972

  • National Archery Associations Champion, 1969, 71, 73 and 74

  • National Field Archery Association Amateur Champion, 1967

  • United States Indoor Champion, 1975

  • Ambassador Cup Champion, 1968

  • Winner, Championship of the Americas - Puerto Rico, 1973

  • Member, U.S. International Archery Team, 1968, 69, 71 and 73





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