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 William Wadsworth


    (1917 - 1991)



Class of 1998
Bowhunter, Educator, Influence on the Sport



The following is taken from the book Unforgettable Bowhunters 

by M.R. James

The Old Bowhunter's Dream, Bill Wadsworth Taught Us Well

As he lay dying in a New York hospital bed in January of 1991, William H. Wadsworth, the man known as the "Father of Bowhunter Education" wrote this sobering farewell message to a select group of his most loyal and fervent disciples:

"Educating bowhunter's is the most important thing we can do to assure that bowhunting has a future. I will soon be leaving you, and I am concerned that this important work be carried on. It is up to you, the National Bowhunter Education Foundations Board of Directors, volunteer instructors, and everyone associated with the sport to support our education efforts. Please pass this on to the gang and tell them I will always be with them."

He was and he is with us. Then and now.


Notes of Interest

  • Known as ”The Father of Bowhunter Education”

  • Founder, President, Life Member Central New York Bowmen

  • Launched In-State Training Program To Teach Bowhunting Basics, 1969

  • Established National Bowhunter Education Foundation, 1979

  • Personally Led National and Worldwide Bowhunter Education Efforts, Training Hundreds of Thousands To Be Safe, Responsible, and Effective Hunters

  • Elected to North American Association Hunter Education Hall of Fame, 1989

The founder of the National Bowhunter Education Foundation (NBEF) Wadsworth was the major influence in bowhunter education from the

1960's into the 1990s.




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