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        Bob Lee

 1928 - 2021


 Class of 2012

Contributor to the Sport, influence on the sport, Bowhunter

Bob Lee has been an active lover of archery his entire life, and In 1951,  he founded an archery manufacturing company that later became known as Wing Archery.  At the company's peak, they were producing  300 bows per day.

In 1963, Bob pioneered and produced the first three-piece detachable limb bow on the market, the Wing Presentation II take down bow. His three-piece bows have become the most popular design of traditional bows in the archery world to date.

He was a charter member  of the Pope & Young Club and  was also active in the early stages of AMADA (Archery Manufacturers and Dealers Association) which later became AMO (Archery Manufacturers Organization). Bob was instrumental in helping to establish the industry standards.

Bob Lee’s immeasurable contributions to archery and bowhunting span six decades. The Bob Lee legacy is still evolving through his partnership and collaboration with son Rob as they continue to produce custom, handcrafted, American-made, top-ranking bows.  At the age of 84, Bob still works full-time in the business that carries his name - designing and building his beloved, handcrafted bows.

  Notes of Interest:


  • 1951 - Forms Wing Archery Company in Houston, Texas, producing handcrafted, custom traditional bows

  • 1959 - Through dogged determination - and the donation of dozens of Red Wing Hunter model bows - Bob Lee lobbies successfully for an archery-only hunting season.

  • 1959 - Bob assists Glenn St. Charles in forming the Pope & Young Club dedicated to developing records for quality game taken with bow arrow - the archery counterpart to Boone & Crockett.

  • 1963 - Bob produces the first 3-piece bow - the Presentation II. The P-ll proves an overwhelming and immediate success, and will be regarded for decades to come as one of the finest models and industry has seen.

  • 1965 - The company relocates to Jacksonville, Texas, establishing itself as the
    largest employer in the city, with shipments exceeding 300 bows per day.

  • 1968 - Bob helps to form the national Archery Manufacturers Organization (AMO), an association that develops industry standards for bow weights, draw lengths, etc.

  • 1968 - Bob sells Wing Archery, the third largest archery manufacturing company in the world, to Head Ski and remains as CEO.

  • 1972 - Bob Lee retires his position with Head Ski (now owned by AMF-Head)

  • 1989 - Bob and son Rob launch Bob Lee Archery with a newfound commitment to the preservation of American-made, handcrafted bows - at a rate of up to 4 bows per day, a stark contrast to the mass production volume of the Wing heyday.

  • 2007 - Bob Lee is inducted into the National Bowhunters Hall of Fame before a standing ovation audience at a dedication ceremony in Las Vegas.

  • 2010 - The company moves into a newly-constructed facility on nine acres in Jacksonville. The lobby serves as a Wing museum where Bob’s first bow, built in 1951, hangs with dozens of Wing models.

  • 2011 - The company celebrates Bob’s 60th anniversary in bow-building with the unveiling of a Limited Edition Anniversary model - The Legacy featuring Stabi-Locktm, an innovative tool-free limb attachment system.

  • 2012 - Bob Lee recurve is named “Best Bow” out of 12 market leaders tested and reviewed by Bowhunting World Magazine. The winning Bob Lee model is aptly named The Ultimate.


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