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     Norbert "Norb" Mullaney

(1922 - 2016  )




Class of 2002  
Contributor to the Sport


If it's any configuration of a stick and string, or stick and wheels and cables, "Norb" Mullaney has not only shot it, he's got notes and technical data on it filed away somewhere.

Mullaney began his writing career with Bowhunting World Magazine in 1974. He took to the position as technical writer and Director of Bowhunting as a natural with undergraduate, graduate and post graduate studies in mechanical engineering and industrial design. as well as being an active bowhunter for over 50 years.

In the course of his long career, Mullaney has written and published more than 230 technical articles on archery and the technical aspects of the bow and arrow.

   Notes of Interest

  •         Recognized as the World's Top Authority on the Design and Performance of Bows

  •          His Name is Synonymous with Bow Testing and Expertise in Bow Mechanics

  •          Technical Writer with Archery World (later Bowhunting World) Magazine Starting in 1974

  •          Published More than 230 Articles on Technical Aspects of Archery and Bows and Arrows

  •         Chairman of Both the Safety & Standards Subcommittee and the ASTM Subcommittee for Archery Products for More Than 15 Years

  •         Active Bowhunter for More Than Half a Century

Norb Mullaney and Dick Lattimer, 2002


Mike Anderson and J. D. Anderson induct Norb Mullaney
 into the Anderson Archery Hall of Fame in June of 1988


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