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    Myrtle "Mimi" Miller


                  1908 - 2009

Class of 1977
Coach, Competitor, Contributor to the Sport, Educator

Myrtle, "Mimi"  Miller was one of the first to utilize television as a medium to advertise a sport. In 1956 the Robin Hood television series, sponsored by Wild Root, agreed to coordinate with the Robin Hood National Archery Tournament organized by Myrtle and Eddie for boys and girls under the age of 14. Over $1 million of television coverage was provided for education and tournaments in all 50 states, involved coverage by 86 of the then 132 ABC television stations, and involved over 25,000 children! Ultimately, this Robin Hood instructional and competitive program evolved into the present Junior Olympic Archery Development Program (JOAD). She gave archery demonstrations on CBS and NBC sports telecasts and other programs, including children’s programs “On the Carousel” with Paul Tripp, the “Tex and Jinx Show”, and “Johnny Carson’s “Who Do You Trust”.







Along with her husband, Ed they founded and operated the World Archery Center (TWAC)

 from 1937 to 1992.

"Mimi" was very proud of the name NINA NAMA AKEOW “Chief Bow in 1940. Woman" bestowed on her by the Black Foot Indians of Montana.


1958 - Myrtle demonstrates shooting technique to student, as NAA Board of Governor Henry Cummings looks on.












  Notes of Interest

  •  New York State Hall of Fame -1991

  • FITA Silver Plaquette - 1987

  •  Recipient of the Larry Whiffen Award Given by the American Archery Council for Outstanding Support and Promotion of Archery, 1972

  • Director, The World Archery Center (TWAC), 1937-1992

  • Responsible for the sport's position in the field of Physical Education

  • Recipient, National Archery Association's Thompson Medal of Honor, 1996

  • 59 years service to archery



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