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Allan Martin

                ( 1921 -  2014 )     )



Class of 2003
Contributor to the Sport


     Allan Martin became interested in the sport of archery in the late 1950's after successfully participating in and judging organized weightlifting and body building events. His initial involvement in archery was recreational, but within a year he found himself competing. However, it was not as a competitor that he made his greatest contributions to the sport. Over the years, Allan's organizational skills, his sense of order and his objectivity lead him into administrative positions that by the 1980's included Delegate, Pan Am Committee, F.I.T.A. Congress, U.S. Olympic Committee and President and Board Member of the National Archery Association.


     Allen is truly one of the renaissance men of this sport. through his years of service, his uncompromising honesty, his diplomacy, his sense of history he has enriched archery and the lives of those who know him and share his love of the sport.

   Notes of Interest

  •  Outstanding National and International Official: Worked to Certify Officials and Standardize Tournament Rules

  • A Respected National and International Judge: World Field Championships, Kingsclere, England-Pan Am Games, San Juan, Puerto Rico and Caracas, Venezuela-Championship of the Americas, San Juan, Puerto Rico-World Target Archery Championships, Seoul, Korea-Numerous NAA Nationals and National Sports Festivals

  • President and Board Member, National Archery Association

  • Delegate, Pan Am Committee

  • Delegate, Federation International De Tir a L'Arc (F.I.T.A.) Congress

  • Delegate, U.S. Olympic Committee


Did you know:

  • In the 1940's Allen set a city pole vault record that stood for 20 years

  • As a student at UC he won numerous weight lifting and physique titles, including "Mr. Cincinnati" and Mr. Ohio

  • Set track and gymnastic records at Iowa Preflight School including Shot-put Title

  • Allan was a Blimp    pilot in South America for the Navy and won South Atlantic Fleet "Best Athlete" Award

  • A member of the University of Cincinnati's Hand Balancing Team

Allan with presenter, Ann Clark at 2003 Induction

"Here come the judge"

U.S Team at Championship of the Americas,
San Juan Puerto Rico - 1974

Left to right: Ed Martin, Allen Martin, Darrell Pace, Judy Crowl, Linda Myers, Ed Eliason, Doreen Wilber, Rick McKinney, Irene Lorenson Dubenspeck and Doug Brothers


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