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   Ann Marston


1938 - 1971

Class of 1978
Competitor, Contributor to the Sport


Few archers have received in their lifetime the notoriety that was bestowed upon Ann Marston. She began winning titles at the age of two months when she was named "England’s Most Perfect Baby"., and went on to be known as "Sweetheart of the Bow & Arrow".
Before her first decade of existence, Ann had captured both the British and American Cadet Archery Championships. By her second, she had already established herself as an exhibition archer across the country and was well on her way to winning eleven national championships establishing all time records.


While competing in 1960 Miss America she won the Talent Award, this was the first time a sport related talent won in this category.

 Notes of Interest

  •  National Archery Association Cadet Championship, 1949

  • National Archery Association Junior Championship, 1952

  • National Archery Association Intermediate Championship, 1953

  • National Field Archery Association Champion, 1954, 55, 57 and 58

  • Promoted archery and shot exhibitions worldwide

  • Winner, Miss America Pageant Talent Competition; Talent: Shooting Archery Gear, 1958



Miss America contestant

                                                       Ann the father, Frank Marston

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