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   Dick Lattimer


            1935 - 2011


Class of 1999
Bowhunter, Contributor to the Sport, Influence on the Sport

A 1957 graduate of Indiana University, Dick has been a major driving force in archery since 1966, when he first began advertising and promotional work for Fred Bear and Bear Archery.

He also spent over 23 years heading up  in-house advertising and public relations for Bear Archery.  From the day he was introduced to archery, he has given 110% of his efforts to the industry and the sport.

Because of his interest in the U. S. Space Program he authored several books about it including, All We Did Was Fly to the Moon and Space Station Friendship. These are two of his books that are sold at space centers and museums around the country. He is also a Fellow of the British Interplanetary Society, London, England.



Notes of Interest

  •         President, Archery Hall of Fame, 2008-2009

  •         Author of Best-Selling I Remember Papa Bear, 2004, and Hunt with Fred Bear, 2005

  •         Began Archery Career as Fred Bear's Advertising and Sales Promotion Manager in 1966 and Served 23 Years

  •         Founder and Executive Director, Fred Bear Sports Club, 1972

  •         Television Chairman and Communications Committee Co-Chairman, International Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies

  •         Vice President, The Archery Hall of Fame and Museum, Inc., 2001 thru 2007

  •        President/CEO, Archery Manufacturers & Merchants Organization (AMMO)


















A Walk in the Woods with "Papa Bear"








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Dick hunting with "Papa Bear"

Dick Mauch hunts with Dick Lattimer

Joe Engle, Ted Nugent and Dick
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