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Lida Scott Howell

 1859 - 1939

Class of 1975

Lida Scott became interested in archery around 1878 as a result of articles she had read written by Maurice Thompson. She won the Ohio State Championship in 1881 and 1882. In 1893 after marrying Millard Howell she won her first National Championship.

  This was the start of one of the most incredible records ever to be recorded in archery (or for that matter in any other sport.) Between 1883 and 1907 Mrs. Howell shot in 20 National Championships, winning 17 of them.


After her retirement from National Competition in 1907 it was to be nearly a quarter of a century until the championship scores reached the level of those shot by Mrs. Howell.

  In 1904 a reporter from the Cincinnati Times Star interviewed Mrs. Howell after winning her 15th championship. When asked why she preferred archery over other sports, she replied, “Archery is a picturesque game, the range with its smooth green and distant glowing target with its gold and radiating red, blue, black, and white, the white-garbed players, with graceful big bows and flying arrows, makes a beautiful picture.”  The reporter commented that the love of archery with her is surely inborn.



       Notes of Interest


  • Ohio State Archery Championship, 1881-82

  • National Archery Association Champion, 1883, 85, 86, 90, 91, 92, 93, 95, 96, 98, and 99; 1900, 02, 03, 04, 05 and 07

  • Between 1883 and 1907, shot in 20 National Archery Championships, winning 17 of them; in 1895, set records in the Double National Rounds with totals that were to stand until 1931.

  • She and her husband, Millard Howell, won the National Archery Association's National Championships in 1899, the only time in the history of the association that husband and wife won both titles in the same year.




Millard C. Howell
National Archery Associaton Champion, 1899
President of the NAA 1892
Secretary-Treasurer 1890, '95, '99, 1900, '01


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