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Russ Hoogerhyde



Class of 1972
Competitor, Coach, Influence on the Sport


 Russ Hoogerhyde started his archery career in 1929 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where he hung around an indoor shooting range. He kept pestering the owner for a job and finally ended up managing 13 indoor archery ranges. A year later he won the NAA National Championship in Chicago. He repeated in 1931 and 1932, but lost lost by 6 points the following year in St. Louis. He was back as champ in 34,36 and 37 for a total of six national titles. Bill Wadsworth once told about the time he was 16 and a young Russ took time to help him with some of his shooting problems. "After spending one day with that young champion in inspired me and stuck with me throughout my lifetime. Hoogerhyde spent 40 years instructing at TWAC and his great talent and skill has been passed on in various degrees to many over the years.


Notes of Interest


National Archery Association Champion, 1930, 31, 32,  34, 37 and 40


Dominated the Sport of Target Archery, 1930 thru 1940

Spent 40 Years as Instructor at The World Archery Center


  • His Public Shooting Demonstrations, Lectures and Movie Shorts Introduced

    Archery to Millions




Russ in the 1930's

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