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     Al Henderson

                   1907- 1989


   Class of 1982
   Coach, Influence on the Sport




Al Henderson was born in Sedalia, Mo. in 1907. He became interested in archery in 1937 after taking up the sport for exercise.

By the time he moved to Arizona in 1946 he had mastered target and field archery and his main interest became coaching.

 By 1975 he had trained seven national champions, five western states regional champions, 34 state champions and 12 All-American champions.

In 1975 Al was selected to coach the team for the Montreal Olympics. Two members of his team, Darrell Pace and Luann Ryon earned gold medals.




A Tribute to Al Henderson

                                                     By Judi Adams

                                                         Written March 13, 1989


.He is the teacher.

 He knows everything about us and accepts us. He knows the good and bad, the secrets, and even some things we don't know about ourselves.

….He hugs our potential

There is deep admiration in his eyes as he speaks the virtues of the most beautiful woman in the world; the woman he married,

….He hugs our emotion.

In fireside chats at Camp Henderzona, he gives himself to his students. It now remains that we do him proud by follow­ing his example.

He hugs our achievement. .

After a long day, he sits patiently with me, watching the moon rise over the water, waiting to capture the perfect picture; knowing that's what I need.

.He hugs away our loneliness.

Coaching is his way of teaching life, he always knows what we next need to learn. "You don't let go of the string you just let it happen"

...He hugs our success,

At tournaments, he slips us a note, a smile a thought, a wink, a gesture.

...He hugs away our fear,

He challenges us, makes us angry, makes us cry. He is here when we need him. Most of all.

He hugs our Joy.

Tomorrow, a new day will dawn and we await our next lesson, for even now, his teaching continues.



 "Uncle AL", Karl Palmatier, Diane Miller and
    Dave Staples at PAA Tournament Event in 1968










   Notes of      Interest

  •   Administrator, coach, author    

  •  United States Olympic Archery Coach, 1976

  •  Recipient, National Field Archery Association     Compton Medal of Honor, 1979

  •  Professional Archers Association, Life Member

  • Board of Directors, Professional Archers Association, 1964-78

  • Advanced Coaching Editor, Archery World Magazine, 1972-82

  • Developed program for blind archers, 1975

  • Author, Understanding Winning Archery and Peak Performance Archery

                              "Uncle Al " and Karl Palmatier                                 


"Always Coaching"

Al with Margaret Klan at
Archery Shop in Phoenix

Chuck Jordan, Jock Mahoney
and Al at NSGA Show

Al and Dave Staples relax in Phoenix

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