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  •     Dr. Charles E. "Bert" Grayson

       1910 - 2009


    Class of 2005
        Bowhunter, Competitor, Contributor to the Sport


          While Dr. Grayson, "Bert" was still a young man, his family moved from Iowa to Riverside, California where he was exposed to his lifelong love of the sport of archery through his Boy Scout Master, Dr. Paul Simonds.
    His archery interest began when he won a lemonwood bow from his scout troop by selling the most tickets to the Art Young bowhunters film, "Alaskan Adventures". Later his work with the Boy Scouts included a donation of the Charles E. Grayson Memorial Land Tract for archery and camping to the Tall Corn Council near Boone, Iowa. His book, "Traditional Archery From Six Continents: The Charles E. Grayson Collection," was published in 2007.



         Dr. Grayson, A special friend  - by Diane Miller

    I first met Dr. Grayson in 2006 in Springfield, Missouri, at the Archery Hall of Fame’s 23th induction ceremony. It was my first experience being involved as Executive Director for the Hall; Bert was being inducted that year. He was so humble and appreciative, and delighted to be able to join those that came before him. He was accompanied by his entourage and he appeared in a black tuxedo, very debonair for a man of 95. One of the things I remember most during his speech was when he spoke about his many hunting trips. He then mentioned one of his last hunts, he said, " I saw one of the biggest trophies I had ever seen. It was then that I decided to pick up my camera instead of my bow." As he told the story a tear came to his eye. It was then that I knew "Bert" was going to become one of my favorite people. Over the next couple of years we talked on the phone quite often and I learned a lot about his past experiences in medicine, life in general and archery


    The last time I saw Dr. Grayson  was in October of 2008. He had some archery memorabilia he wanted the museum to have so I flew out to Portland to see what he had in mind. I rented a car and drove over to his place in Clatskanie. He said he wanted to show me the sights around Oregon and he did a great job being a tour guide.

    As we drove down the coast he spoke about different stories and experiences he had throughout his lifetime. Along the way we stopped to visit a fish hatchery where he showed me the large salmon that were raised in that part of the country, Next stop was an ice cream and cheese factory, (he insisted we have an ice cream cone), then we stopped by a tuna factory. Here we purchased a case of white albacore tuna, (he mentioned it was the best), and I have to admit he was right. As we approached one of the many beaches along the coast he suggested we drive down on the beach and look for clams. He showed me how to stomp the sand so the clams would come out of the ground. I was so amazed at his youthfulness at the age of 98. I felt old trying to keep up. He continued to amaze me. He then wanted to show me the ranch & land he once owned, and we later stopped at a very nice restaurant to eat while watching people walk up and down the beach. After a very full day we went to his house where he began to show me his prized collection or archery artifacts and his many files that he had accumulated over the years. He was very proficient on the computer and we looked at some of the many stories he had written. One thing he was very proud of and wanted the Hall of Fame to have when it was completed was the book of his life from a little boy to the present. I was thrilled to think that for years to come people that visit our museum will have the chance to share this also. Driving back to the motel I realized what a special trip this had been and how privileged I was to have been invited to spend a couple of days with such an extraordinary man. In the morning we went to his favorite restaurant for breakfast and he introduced me to all this friends. Once again I was in awe of how his presence affected those around him. As I left to head off to the airport, he said he was so lucky to have so many wonderful friends. He thanked me for taking the time to come and visit. I am so glad I did, I was the lucky one.




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    Notes of Interest

    • Graduated Stanford Medical School in 1936. During World War II he served briefly in the military as a physician. After the war, he was an instructor at Stanford Medical School, later going into private practice in Sacramento, Calif.

    • Archery historian and collector of ancient and modern archery equipment and artifacts. Donor of the extensive Grayson Collection to the University of Missouri Museum of Anthropology

    • Flight shooting competitor - Won many national competitions and held many National Archery Association flight records

    • Bowyer - Developed the forward handle used by flight shooters today - Developed the "keyhole" sight window in flight bows of his design

    • Active in the American Boy Scout movement throughout his life

    • Active in the National Archery Association as flight shooter and fundraiser

    • Bowhunter

    • Over 70 years of service to the sport



"Bert" with the two famous Anns


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