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George Gardner

              (1928 -        )



  Class of 2008 

Contributor to the Sport

George Gardner began his involvement in bowhunting and competitive shooting in 1946, at age 18.  His archery career took him through the ranks of administration as one of the co-founders and charter members of the Professional Archers Association, eventually serving as the Vice President.  He also served as President of the Michigan Archery Association and the Detroit Metropolitan Archery Association.  Gardner, along with his wife Betty, was one of the cornerstones in developing the first professional indoor archery tournament, which came to be known as the Ben Pearson Open.

As a bowhunter, Gardner has hunted extensively in North America, Africa and Europe.  He has utilized his expertise as a competitor and a bowhunter to teach thousands to improve their skill level and make the sport more enjoyable for those who come to it.  He has been a Director of the Safari Club International’s Bowhunting Chapter, and is founder of The Dianas,  bowhunting’s first organized group to promote awareness of women’s bowhunting opportunities and issues.



Notes of Interest

  • Co-founder, Vice President of the Professional Archers Association Field Governor of the National Field Archery Association

  • Anderson Archery's Hall of Fame

  • Director of Safari Club International’s Bowhunting Chapter

  • Co - Founder of the Diana’s, an Elite Ladies Bowhunting Group

  • Renown Hunter Who Bagged Cape Buffalo, Bush Pig, Bushbuck, Impala, Kudu, Leopard, Warthog, Waterbok, Zebra and Lion in Africa. North American Game Includes, Antelope, Bison, Black Bear, Caribou, Coyote, Mountain Goat, Mountain Lion, Whitetail Deer, Among Other Species



George presents Ann Marston's

mom and dad with Hall of Fame plaque


George and Hall of Famer Bill Bednar

George and wife Betty

Trophy Room

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