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  Frank Gandy
      (1936 -      )



Class of 2010

Frank Gandy was born in 1936 in Bartow, Florida. He was nine years old when he saw his first archery set in a local hardware store. He doesn’t remember how much it cost but he knew he had to have it. During the next ten years, he made a bow during shop class in High School and he bought an all wood static recurve bow, which he still owns to this day.

Within the next two years he married his high school sweetheart, Margaret, they joined a local archery club and that is how Frank’s archery career started.

Since 1964, Frank has placed first in 150 state, sectional, national and one international tournament. These events were won shooting in the National Field Archery Association, National Archery Association, Professional Archers Association, and also the ASA, Las Vegas and Atlantic City. These were won shooting four different styles, Bare bow-Re curve, Limited Freestyle-Re curve, Limited Freestyle-Compound and Freestyle Release.

He won his first national in 1967 in Jackson, Mississippi and his last major was won in 2005 in the Senior Division of the North American Field Archery Championship. Frank’s win’s cover five decades.

Notes of Interest:

  • National Field Archery Association Champion, 1967, 1980 and  1981

  • PAA Nationals Champion, 1974; Indoor and Outdoor Champion, 1985

  • NAA National Champion, 1996

  • Las Vegas Tournament Champion, 1984 and 1985

  • Atlantic City Archery Classic  Champion, 1982, 1985

  • North American Field Archery Championship, 2003, 2005













             Frank with Fred Bear                                         1967 NFAA Bare Bow Champion

1974 Professional Archers
Association Champion

Frank with wife Margaret


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