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     Ann Clark

              (1925 - 2018    )


Class of 1984
Bowhunter, Coach, Competitor, Contributor to the Sport

  Ann Clark first started shooting in 1955 when her husband, Jack gave her a hunting bow so she could join him on his hunting adventures. She enjoyed it so much that she decided she wanted to try target shooting and the same year she won the National Archery Association Championship. In 1956 she placed fifth and climbed to third in 1957. Nineteen fifty seven  holds many fond memories for Ann, for it was that year she went to Prague, Czechoslovakia as a member of the United States Team and placed second in the World Championship. Up to that  time no other team had  ever placed first, second, and third in both the men's and women's  divisions.


  Ann continued her winning streak when she won the Ben Pearson Open in the spring of 1960 and went on that same year to win the National Archery Association Champion­ship. In 1961 she proved what a great all around champion she was by winning the 1961 National Field Archery Association Championship in the freestyle division.


  Ann has spent her lifetime promoting the sport she loves so much. Whether it be hunting, tournament, administration or showperson, she is "Archery's all around everything girl”.


  Notes of Interest

  • National Archery Association Champion, 1955 and 60

  • Ben Pearson Open Indoor Champion, 1961

  • National Field Archery Association Champion, 1962

    Instrumental in development and promotion of the National Archery Association Junior Olympic Development Program

  • Recipient, National Archery Association Junior Olympic Archery Development Award, 1987

  • Board Member, Archery Hall of Fame and Museum, Inc.

  • Over 57 years Service to Archery



The Entertainer

Ann with Pope and Young Founder, Glenn
St. Charles and Ann Hoyt at 2007 Induction


Ann with Dave Staples

World Team -1955 ( Ann Hoyt,
Carole Minehart
and Ann Clark

The Two Ann's

Ann Clark and Ann Weber Hoyt

Ann with Fred And Henrieta Bear

                        "The Hunter"


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