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Chuck Adams



Class of 2008

With more than 120 entries in the Pope and Young Club record book, it is with good reason that Chuck Adams is known as "the worlds best known and most widely published bowhunter.

Each spring Adams delivers dozens of hunting seminars and keynote speeches at Americas largest sporting events.

On January 4th, 1990 he became the first archer in history to harvest all recognized varieties of North American big game.

 "I would like to be remembered as somebody who helped other people enjoy bowhunting more.  My job (as opposed to what I enjoy doing) is helping other bow hunters be better at their sport.  Helping them by recommending equipment that I know works well, recommending tactics and techniques with archery gear that I know will work and helping them by just adding some spark to the sport with, what I hope, are entertaining articles that get people fired up to go out and do it themselves.  So that’s how I would  like to be remembered.  I say that’s a job but I enjoy doing that too.  I would like to be remembered for those things - not the personal accomplishments that I have had the good fortune to accomplish over the years.  I am sure those accomplishments (hopefully) will be remembered too because they will be in my books and articles and people will still be reading some of that  stuff.  But I guess those were just examples in my mind of what anybody can do who wants to dedicate themselves to this wonderful sport and take the time to do it right.  Its an example of what anybody can do.  And if anybody else manages to enjoy bowhunting as much as I enjoy bowhunting - and if I have helped in that process - then I am a happy guy."

                                                                                     Chuck Adams











Notes of Interest

* Five of Adam's largest animals, Sitka Blacktail, Coues Whitetail, Mountain Caribou,       American Bison and American Elk have been recognized as bowhunting world records.

 * Life member of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

* Member of Safari Club International Senior member of the Pope and Young Club

* Earned the Pope and Young Club's highest honor "The Ishi Award" for his giant elk

* Over the past three decades has written more than 5,000 magazine articles and 10 full-length books




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